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Big East Presidents Meet; Decide to Bide Time

Well that was about as pointless as I think everyone expected. What just transpired in Washington today was the equivalent a scene instantly familiar to anyone who has ever closed down a bar. All of the Football schools know that the Big East is not going to be a viable conference for much longer. Every last one of them wants out, every last one of them has pinpointed the place where they want to land. Where they want to end up. Well almost all of them know where they want to land, but they are all at the mercy of the whims of their other conferences. Meanwhile they have to take part in discussions with their secondary options, and what can be done to make that happen. Essentially the Presidents of the Football Schools are sitting on a bar stool, listening to their back up plan drone on endlessly about things they don't care about. The reason they don't care about whatever the hell it is that plan B is talking about is they have eyes only for plan A, who is currently standing in a circle with her super cool and trendy friends making plans for an after party. They want plan A, desperately. But the only option at the moment is to sit and wait for plan A to extend the golden parachute. 

The key thing to note is that all of the meetings this weekend were a sideshow. The Big East didn't raise the buyout or do anything at all to keep the remaining 6(7) Football schools tethered to Yoko Ono, I mean the Basketball Schools. Nothing has changed, it was meeting that probably had half assed interest at best from everyone involved. All eyes now turn to Columbia Missouri where the University of Missouri's Curators are meeting Tuesday to decide their conference fate. I don't if Mizzou leaving for the SEC is good or bad for UC's chances of latching onto the Big 12 Golden Parachute. But nothing will happen one way or the other until Missouri makes a decision.