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Football Senior Week | 88 Adrien Robinson

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Robinson has had an interesting career at UC. Was recruited by Brian Kelly in his first class, and was one of the gems of that group, at least according to the recruiting services. His recruitment is relevant because he was recruited as a super sized (6'5" 225) Wide Receiver and he was the first salvo in what would become the Warren Central pipeline. Robinson has had a weird career because he moved to tight ends as a sophomore in offenses that haven't exactly featured tight ends. Robinson is probably the most athletic guy on the roster. He just missed out on making Bruce Feldman's freaks list in 2009. Robinson will almost certainly get a long, long look from the NFL scouts for the simple reason that guys that stand 6'4", weigh 270 pounds and run 4.6 40's aren't exceedingly common. Robinson might have struggled some with his consistency, but he was always down for the spectacular, and that's how I will remember him.