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November 3rd Jump Off

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Pitt Week

UC looks to go 2 – 0 vs. the ACC with Win Over the Pitt Panthers // Bearcats Nation

Cincinnati for the first time that I can remember will be playing two ACC opponents in a single season. In fact, a third one is just around the corner in Syracuse. That’s the beauty of playing in a conference with only five teams, you can schedule multiple games with fellow AQ competition. It gives the Bearcats and the Big East the opportunity to showcase their skills to teams they would otherwise not normally play but are competing with for the best bowls. How ’bout that!

Some really creative accounting at work here.

Two Things Pitt Must Do To Win Against The Bearcats // Cardiac Hill

Pitt cannot let Collaros stand in the pocket and pick apart the secondary. Big gains through the air take a lot of momentum away from the defense even if they are playing well against the run. If Pitt can shut down the passing game as much as possible, it should result in a win.

Not trying to give the game away here but yes you can. Every opposing defense should make it their goal to force Zach to sit in the pocket. Zach is far more effective and explosive on the edge

Pitt's Graham prods Sunseri to do even more // Post-Gazette
For Pitt to win at all down the stretch Sunseri has to be perfect. And he has to be perfect behind basically the worst offensive line in the country. Good luck with that.

Dealing With Lessened Expectations // Cardiac Hill

Q&A: The attendance problem // Post-Gazzette

Pitt Panthers begin the process of replacing their top running back // Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Then, reality strikes him: The Panthers need experience in their backfield when they meet Cincinnati on Saturday at Heinz Field, with first place in the Big East at stake. Despite the presence of the three freshmen from Graham's first Pitt recruiting class, expect senior Zach Brown to get the majority of the carries against Cincinnati.

Derek Wolfe and John Hughes are positively thrilled about the possibility of a couple of freshmen taking their first collegiate snaps Saturday.


Bearcats Top McGill 75-41 In Exhibition Opener //

University of Cincinnati puts defense first in exhibition victory //

Mbodj might be out for awhile // UC Athletics Blog

"Before anyone asks, I’m not sure how long he’s going to be out," Cronin said. "Mbodj will not play until he’s 100 percent. It’s a long season. We’ve got a very good team, a chance to be a great team when he’s with us.

I have target date of the Georgia game in my head

Around The Big East

WVU vs. Rutgers: A Unit-By-Unit Look At The Mountaineers Victory Over The Scarlet Knights - The Smoking Musket

It was another fall Saturday and Manhattan's favorite team was ready for a marquee college football game featuring a ranked opponent that has owned them in recent years. One team is coming off an embarrassing conference loss, while the other is looking to take a major step in its program's history. Yes, Oklahoma and Kansas State did battle in Manhattan, Kansas and as usual Oklahoma killed 'em.

The ole Bait and Switch

USF To Start Andre Davis And Deonte Welch This Saturday // Voodoo Five
What was true three years ago is just as true now. Playing UC is a great way to give receivers confidence.

Nationally Recognized

The Alphabetical, Week 10: The Home Stretch Beckons //
Since Spencer Hall was on the road all weekend, this week's Alphabetical is both delayed and different in that it appraises teams going into the home stretch, continues to say nice things about Lane Kiffin, and features no fart jokes.

Reading This Will Make You Smarter

Tech Savvy: Rachel Sterne // Magazine // Vogue
As part of a new generation of Silicon Alley women, Rachel Sterne is redefining New York’s digital culture.