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Rolling Through The Roster | 23 Sean Kilpatrick

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Sean Kilpatrick 23 6'4" 215 G/F rSO

Last Year

Kilpatrick come out of his red shirt year ready to roll. By midway through the non conference season it was pretty clear to me that he was the go perimeter scorer. Dion Dixon and Rashad Bishop are both capable offensive players. But neither was very capable of manufacturing offense from scratch like Kilpatrick. One of the most shocking things about Kila's season was that he wound up with the highest usage rate on the team. Kilpatrick's biggest asset is that he is able to score in a lot of different ways, slashing to the hoop, coming off curls or just taking up position on the wing and waiting for the swing. 

2011 and Beyond

After a year as the sixth man, arguably the best in the conference last season Kilpatrick is going to move into the starting lineup in 2011-12. That means more minutes, more opportunities and (presumably) more scoring. I would not be the least bit surprised to see Kilpatrick's average jump to 15 of 16 a game. The only question, and for this team and the style the Bearcats play it's a big one, will be how far his defense has come. 23 was not a good defender last year, but most freshmen aren't, red shirt or not.