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July 6th Jump Off

Remember to submit your choices for the Down the Drive Ring of Honor! You can submit up to 3 players who you think should join the Bearcats elite. You have until July 10th to submit your nominees.

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Bearcat News

Big East position rankings: Defensive line - Big East Blog - ESPN
Ranking the Bearcats' defensive line 7th in the conference should help to put a chip on their shoulder this fall. The defense may have gotten gashed just about every game last season but for the most part the D-Line was successful against the run. This in part because opposing offenses realized that UC's secondary was garbage and also because the D-Line was solid last year. However, this position should be an area of strength for the Bearcats in 2011 as all starters return, there is plenty of capable depth behind them in players like Stepp, Beard, and Taylor, and Derek Wolfe (an NFL draft pick hopeful) will have extra incentive as a senior. While the Big East as a whole will hang its hat on the defensive line strength, I think Cincinnati's D-Line will finish in the top half of the conference.

I'll have more details about this and Andrea's rankings this afternoon.

Former UC backup headed to Buffalo - Big East Blog - ESPN
Initially a shocker to yours truely, but the more I thought about this, the more it made sense. First, I'm wondering if Chazz didn't fully grasp Coach Jones's offense, or at least to his coach's liking. Second, Chazz had to have known that Munchie and Luallen were fast on his heels to claim the QB-2 role. Finally, I'm betting he went to Buffalo because of his potential to start because of his experience against BCS teams and his ability quickly learn Jeff Quinn's offense. The latter if Quinn's offense closely resemble's Brian Kelly's. Regardless, good luck to Chazz and I hope he goes easy on my Redhawks next season!

Collaros and Pead Tabbed For Maxwell Award Watch List - University of Cincinnati Official Athletics Site
This is a great honor for Bearcat seniors Collaros and Pead. Unless you've been living under a rock for the past 2 years, you know how dangerous both players are. Despite their tough competition, both have a legitimate shot at this award. Collaros can take this home if he can cut down on his interceptions, stay healthy, and better control the game. Pead can win it if he improves on his consistency this season (160 yards one game, 5 the next), stop fumbling, and, like Collaros, stay healthy. As always, the one position that will determine this is the offensive line. If all of those factors come together in 2011, look for Collaros and Pead to put up video game-like numbers.


Videos - ESPN RISE OSU NFTC: DB vs. WR 1-on-1
Check out the video of future Bearcat Marcus Foster from the OSU camp. If you haven't seen any footage of him there, you should check this out. His back-to-back clips start at about the :54 mark, so go ahead and skip to it if you want. First impression- Wow, I'm glad he's verballed to UC. Second impression- Man I hope the Bearcats can hold onto him. Up close, you can really see how tall he really is with arms that are long enough to seemingly drag on the ground. In addition, he appears to stay with wideouts pretty well and, if he loses them, has impressive recovery speed. Oh, and just as a crowd pleaser, his two clips resulted in two picks, both of which he made with one-hand. Enjoy.

Around the BEast

Reserve Your Spot in Our EA Sports NCAA 2012 Big East Online Dynasties - Big East Coast Bias
If you are planning on owning NCAA Football '12 (like me) and love online dynasty (unlike me), reserve your spot for Big East Coast Bias's online dynasty here. You can join either through the Xbox 360 or PS3 but if you plan on playing as the Bearcats you better have an Xbox as Pat will be running UC on the PS3. Some more NCAA Football '12 notes:

- All Big East Offense: 4 UC players (Collaros, Pead, Woods, Robinson)

- All Big East Defense: 2 UC players (Shaffer, O'Donnell)

An Inside Look At Billy Hahn's "Promotion" To The Role Of Assistant To The Head Coach - The Smoking Musket
Dwight Schrute would be proud, as Bob Huggins's right hand man, Billy Hahn has been promoted to Assistant to the Head Coach. No one really knows what the hell that role entails other then expanded duties beyond what Hahn is already doing. Our SB Nation brothers at The Smoking Musket attempt help answer that question. Check it out.

Around the Nation

The Bob Huggins Factor «
Great read by Kristi Dosh (and forwarded to me by DtD's very own BigStein) focusing on the Bob Huggins Factor at Kansas State. Typically known for it's academics, Kansas State took a huge risk on Huggs, who as we Bearcat fans know wasn't exactly the most well-behaved personality to come through UC. But he did put butts in the seats with his amazing basketball resume, and that's what K-State was counting on. Well, he delivered. In only one year at the helm, season ticket sales more than doubled, alumni donations spiked, and the athletic department secured a $10 million shoe deal. Essentially, the university spent $1 million on Huggins for his one-year of service and netted around $20 million in revenues. That's a pretty good return on your risk if you ask me!