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Player Profiles | Titus Rubles

Mick Cronin jumped into the JUCO ranks to nab Titus Rubles, the number 2 ranked player in the country by JUCO Junction. Rubles is the kind of long, athletic wing that has been notable in its absence from the Bearcats roster as Mick rebuilt the program. Rubles has a chance to be a really exciting player for the Bearcats, and how Mick handles him will be one of the story lines of the early season.

Mick Cronin's recent forays into the JUCO ranks have netted mixed results. In his first, and only, season to date Cheikh Mbodj was OK, but his impact was limited. Steve Toyloy is probably the only JUCO in the last decade to provide an unequivocally positive impact for the Bearcats. That's saying something, considering just how JUCO heavy the Bearcats went in the dark days following the departure of Bob Huggins and Andy Kennedy.

The circumstances surrounding the program have changed. As such Titus Ocean Rubles* won't be asked to carry the team, as some of the JUCO's in the recent past have. The main role for Rubles will be to help facilitate the Bearcats new sort of run, and semi gun offense.

* With a middle name like that Titus should be playing football for Butch Jones

Rubles was the number two ranked prospect in the 2012 class by JUCO junction, and there is a lot to like about his game. He is a big wing at 6'7" 202 pounds, he has a decent touch on his shot and probably most important of all, he can run the floor and rebound. On paper Rubles is a great fit as a wing/forward hybrid. The early reports have been positive. But there is a catch, he is not a great defender, thats always a no, no for Mick. Rubles has a lot of potential, and how Mick handles his minutes will be an early storyline this season.

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