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Walter Stewart Not Ruled Out For The Season, Won't Play Against Louisville

Walter Stewart is out, and will be for a long time by all appearances. Still, Butch Jones refuses to give up hope that Walt can make it back before the end of the season, Bowl Game included.


This much became clear during today's Big East teleconference. Here are the relevant quote from Butch Jones, courtesy of the Big East Blog.

"Right now the day to return is yet to be determined. He's actually still going through getting a second opinion. I don't know when that will occur. I believe it's at end of this week. He doesn't want to give up, as you can imagine, he's a competitor, so we're going through that process right now in getting a second opinion on everything."

Its hard to tell it by looking at the box score from Saturday night, but this team does miss Walt immensely. Not just his production, but his leadership. Brandon Mills answered the bell against the Rockets. But Walt is the heartbeat of the team. There is still no official word on the injury that Walt suffered, nor do I expect to hear anything from Butch on the matter.

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