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Cincinnati Bearcats Player Profiles | Jeremiah Davis III

Jeremiah Davis III was a freshman last year, and he had the ups and downs that come with being a freshmen at this level. But Davis also had some moments, the biggest of which came against St. Johns when he hit a three pointer to tie the game with 9 seconds left. He has a great deal of potential, and confidence, what will that yield in 2012-13?


Of all of the players that stand to benefit from Mick Cronin's embrace of a more up tempo style Jeremiah Davis might have the most to gain. Davis is the prototypical hybrid guard. His size, handle and passing enable him to play the point, and to run a team efficiently.

But his deepest impulses are to play as a shooting guard. In the old system that would have been a big hurdle for Davis, because next year someone would have had to play the point. That is less of a concern this year. The main job for Davis, and probably for Ge`Lawn Guyn as well, is to give the second unit a capible ball handler and distributor.

But Davis will, presumably, have the green light with that second unit, and that's a great thing for a team that will need scoring punch from the bench at times this year. Last year Davis showed an impressive spot up game from the perimeter, and the ability to slash to the bucket and finish. Simply expanding on those characteristics opens up all kinds of possibilities for his game.

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