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Butch Jones Tuesday Presser Notes

Butch Jones sat down, or rather stood up, for his weekly press conference ahead of this weekends clash with #25 Virginia Tech. Notes were taken, jokes were made.

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10 straight games starting Saturday. That seemed insane when the schedule came out, it remains insane today. I can't remember UC having this long of a stretch without a bye since the 80's or so.

--Feels that his players are ready for the challenge of this game. Obviously loves the national exposure being broadcast nationally for the second time in three games.

--"It will take everything in our program to win this game." Well said Butch

--Only one offensive penalty all season? That doesn't sound exactly right.

--Yes, Butch Jones does kneel at the alter of Beamerball in case you were wondering.

--Feels the need for new guys to step up on special teams. The graduation or Orion Woodard is ringing throughout this statement. Woodard was a special teams demon in every sense of the word. Woodard was 15th on the team in tackles last year, just playing special teams. To my eye the coverage groups have been fine, but no one has, as of two weeks ago, shown Woodard's knack for making coverage plays.

--Butch has conceded that indeed, Logan Thomas is very, large and very, very athletic. Anticipates a more concerted attempt to involve him in the running game.

--Not buying that Virginia Tech has a bad run defense, stating that their stats are inflated by having to face Georgia Tech in the first week. Not inflated? Tech is 68th in yards per carry allowed. They may be better than the total yards allowed, but they aren't exactly good in a vacuum.

--"Plays don't make players, players make plays." How very Yoda like.

--Half of the travel roster will be on the road for the first time. That exact sentence was said ahead of the Bearcats trip to Tennessee last season. The math doesn't sound right there.

--If Butch Jones and this Podium were together at a singles bar there would be a ton of sexual chemistry and flirting happening. A lot of touching going on here. I kinda feel uncomfortable for the podium.

--Drew Frey and Alex Chisum are both 100 per cent. Butch expects both to start as of today. But as I mentioned in the depth chart post from yesterday, keep an eye on Damon Julian. He really capitalized on his chance against Delaware State.

--First Wally Pipp reference of the year. Shots fired Chisum, shots fired.

--It took 15 minutes for someone to bring up turnovers. This is what I think of that Cincinnati media members.


--The award for most obvious point of the day is that Munchie Legaux is a work in progress. That much is obvious, but his desire to get better is apparent to the coaches. He corrected the mistakes from the Pitt game for Delaware State, namely over striding, and a general lack off accuracy. In solving those new issues popped up against DSU, time will tell if this process continues.

--Jones is having a hard time replicating the size and stature of Logan Thomas. Bennie Coney is the man charged with replicating Thomas in practice. Bennie is not nearly as big, standing at 6'3" and 200 pounds compared to Thomas at 6'6" and at least 260, possibly more. However Coney is just as athletic, with similar arm strength, but not the outright size. Where this gets ironic is that Coney's final two schools were Virginia Tech and Cincinnati. Had he chosen to go to Blacksburg, rather than Clifton, Coney would almost certainly be tasked with replicating Munchie Legaux for the Hokies scout team. Its a funny little world.

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