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Bearcat Links Of The Day; Post Hall of Fame Induction

Four Bearcat greats were inducted into the UC athletics Hall of Fame last night including Kenyon Martin and Gino Guidugli.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Hall of Fame Stuff

Kenyon Martin among UC Hall of Fame inductees | |

"You guys know it didn’t end well here," he said. "Things over the years have been a little rocky. I made some statements a few years ago that I couldn’t take back but at the time that’s the way I felt. But I’m still a Bearcat at heart. I have a Bearcat tattoo, so I’m still a Bearcat at heart. You guys haven’t seen the last of me."

Gino Guidugli Named To 2013 Hall of Fame Class ||

"My success was the result of hard work and this honor is a tribute to all the guys I played with," Guidugli said. "Football is truly a sport where you are only as good as the guys next to you. I played with some great guys who didn't get the recognition, but I feel this award goes to each and every one of them because they worked just as hard as I did."


Wednesday game 'good opportunity' for UC ||

"I like it," Tuberville said. "You can’t buy that advertisement. You don’t have enough money for that, nobody does. It’ll be a good opportunity for us to play on the road and see how much we’ve improved."

Thats the rub with this team. The home/road splits are startling, but at the same time I don't feel like this team has much in common right now with the one that muddled through September. If the Bearcats want to take another run at a double digit win season they have to start getting it done on the road with daunting trips to Houston and Rutgers in November.

Rethinking total offense and defense rankings || Football Study Hall

Much has been made about the Bearcats defensive numbers being a product of a bad slate of offenses. But even adjusting for opponent averages the UC defense is still one of top 10 in the country. Maybe this group really is that good?

Tale of the Tape: UConn vs. Cincinnati || The UConn Blog
You know, in case you like being reminded of the Bearcats playing football, which they haven't done in 10 days and won't do for another 10 after that.

Allstate Good Works Team || ESPN
Go vote for Jordan Luallen for Captain Awesome as many times as you possibly can. Which is once per day.


College Basketball Preview: Top 30 breakout players ||

Shaq Thomas: The Bearcats are going to go with a smaller, quicker lineup this season – and Thomas could play a major role in that. He has the length and athleticism to be a factor; will he take that next step?

2013-2014 Preseason College Basketball Rankings: #18 Cincinnati Bearcats | Code 451
I like your style random college basketball Internet person.

Other Bearcat News

Cincinnati to Face Rutgers in AAC Quarterfinals ||

The University of Cincinnati women’s soccer team finished the season with a 4-4-1 American Athletic Conference record and received the No. 6 seed for the league tournament. The Bearcats travel to Piscataway, N.J. this Sunday to take on Rutgers, who finished third in the conference.

Go ladies.

Big America News

UCF defensive end Deion Green out season with torn ACL || Orlando Sentinel

UCF defensive end Deion Green tore his anterior cruciate ligament against Louisville and will miss the rest of the season, two sources with knowledge of the injury told the Orlando Sentinel. It’s another blow to the Knights’ struggling pass rush. Green is tied for second on the team with two sacks. The team leader, freshman Blake Keller, left the team due to personal reasons.

SMU’s Garrett Gilbert turns clunker into classic || Dallas Morning News

But they witnessed one of the greatest performances by an SMU quarterback as Garrett Gilbert rallied the Mustangs to a 59-49 victory. Gilbert threw for a school-record 538 yards and four touchdowns and ran for 97 yards and two touchdowns, leading his team to a 21-point comeback. He was just three yards shy of becoming only the second player in NCAA history with 500 yards passing and 100 yards rushing.

Southern Methodist is next for the Bearcats. Should be fun...

Mike White's Redshirt Is Off, Bobby Eveld Looks Done, Steven Bench'ed, And Who Is Matt Floyd Again? - Voodoo Five

There are no good answers here. The USF quarterback situation has been complete EPIC FAIL for over a year now and there are no good options, merely less bad ones. White's first game as a starter comes on a short week to prepare for a nationally televised game on Halloween that literally dozens of people that aren't Bulls fans, Cougars fans, or degenerate gamblers will be watching. It's certainly not ideal, but you have to overcome adversity at some point as a quarterback.

I try not to think about the fact that UC lost to a team that is a rampaging vortex of suck at the most important position in the game. I try really hard, and I fail

Houston head coach Tony Levine pranks team with fake uniforms ||
Troy Levine is the best prankster in the country. We haven't seen a prankster this prolific since Pete Carroll threw Lendale White off a roof.

Interim Coach T.J. Weist Is Quite Frank About What He's Seeing ||
I am really starting feel bad for T.J. Weist

Larry Brown's newest great point guard recruit
dunks on the greatest player Brown ever coached....

UCF beat Alabama in Tuscalusa. once.


Netflix is periliously close to becoming a globe devouring colossus...Uncle Drew is back and it makes me happy...China seems like it would be a weird place to live...Pot as protest message no wonder Hippies never get anything done...I have never met this person but I do not like this person...Hey Baylor - Let's do this. Baylor football is fun football, just in case you forgot...

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Munchie's got jokes

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