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Bearcat Links of The Day; Gameday

All the previews you could ever need for a match up of a 5-2 and a 1-5 teams. Probably more than you need, and more, all ready for your morning coffee/tea/hyper caffieinated beverage of choice.

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Bearcats Travel To Memphis.

Bearcats take on Tigers in AAC fracas || Athlon Sports

Lacking much in terms of a passing game has meant the Tigers have relied heavily on feature back Brandon Hayes, who has rushed for 444 yards and three touchdowns on 88 carries. In the loss to SMU, Hayes produced 65 yards and a score on 16 carries. Marquis Warford (297 yards, TD) will also see some time in the backfield.

Tigers Get National Spotlight Vs. Cincinnati ||

“They are very unorthodox defensively,” Tuberville said of the Tigers’ defense. “At one time they will be a four-man front, another they will be a three-man front and the next time they will all be standing up and not have any down linemen. They put a lot of speed on the field and try to create problems with their alignments. They just try to get you out of a rhythm.”

Cincinnati Bearcats visit struggling Memphis trying to keep pace in American title chase || AP

"They're very physical up front," Memphis coach Justin Fuente said. "They do some things schematically that can cause you problems. I think the strength of their defense is in the front seven, as big and physical as a team that we've played in the front seven."

Previewing Cincinnati's Week 10 Opponent: The Tigers Of Memphis - Cincy on the Prowl - A Cincinnati Bearcats Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and more.

I love the direction the Memphis Tigers are going with Justin Fuente at the helm. They have won just one game this season but are clearly playing with more heart and poise than in years passed. The Tigers have been competitive in every game this season, which is more than they can say before Fuente became the head coach. Still, Memphis is a few years away from being competitive in the conference on an annual basis. That defense could give the Bearcats fits on Wednesday night but overall the talent level on Cincinnati is just a step above the Tigers. Plus UC boasts a pretty good defense of its own. This will be a close, interesting game but I think the Bearcats pulls it out.

UC-Memphis preview ||
Tom Groeschen's preview.

More Football Stuff

Guidugli embraces coaching career || UC Athletics Blog

“I was bouncing around from the CFL to the Arena Football League and then one year in the arena league I thought I’d like to have something to do in the off-season,” Guidugli said. “I’d like to get into coaching. Dan Enos was my first call. I said I was looking to get into coaching, what’s the pathway in? How do I get my foot in the door?

Guidugli joins a couple of Bearcats in the coaching ranks. Off the top of my head Mike Mickens is at Idaho and DeAngelo Smith was a graduate assistant with Ohio State but is currently playing in the CFL.


Kilpatrick leads Bearcats into new conference || The Sun Herald

SK'S GOODBYE: Sean Kilpatrick has 1,444 career points and is on pace to become only the second player in school history to get 2,000. Hall of Fame standout Oscar Robertson finished with 2,973. He's prepared to get a lot of attention from opposing defenses, and worked on his ball handling and movement in the offseason. "There's going to be teams this year that their best defender if not two defenders are going to be on me," Kilpatrick said. "That's something I've been working on a lot, just getting open and finding the open man when I do have the double team."

Honestly, I had no idea that Oscar is the only Bearcat to score 2,000 points. The numbers he put up without a three point line remain staggering.

Around The Big America

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