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Cincinnati Bearcats At Rutgers; Kickoff Time, Television and Radio

The bare essentials of information for the Bearcats game today. (Beth Mowins/Joey Galloway//Paul Carcaterra)

Rob Leifheit-USA TODAY Sports

Kickoff: High Noon

Television: ESPN News

Announcing Team: (Beth Mowins / Joey Galloway / Paul Carcaterra)

Radio Station: 700 WLW

Announcing Team: Dan Hoard / Jim Kelly Jr. / Artrell Hawkins*

Streaming: Watch ESPN App,

*I think Hawkins has traditionally been the sideline reporter when Tom Gelehrter is on TV duty, in this case for Basketball's game with Terry Nelson.

I throughly recommend keeping the radio feed up and running. Beth Mowins is all kinds of brutal, but this is on ESPN News, so I guess thats what the Bearcats get in this case. Still, could be worse. It could be the American Game of the Week where half the state can't see it.

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