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Student Section Makes The Leap From Kinda Funny To Completely Embarassing

This is not usually a subject that bothers me, and complaining about it makes me feel far older than I actually am, but the UC students have gone from being an impactful part of playing at Nippert to a being an actual punchline in just a couple of years. And don't think the players haven't noticed.

Rob Leifheit-USA TODAY Sports

That is a tweet from Kyle Williamson, an offensive lineman for the Bearcats. Just in case you didn't see it for yourself this is what the student section looked like roughly halfway through the third quarter.

The hash tag is apt, and particularly droll when you consider that this student section was given a whole lot of love from ESPN who ranked it among the 20 best in the nation back in August. Which is now hilarious.

I kind of got the amazing disappearing crowd for the Purdue game where UC was comfortably in the lead from the offing and the temperature flirted with triple digits. But this is happening every game, regardless of the time of kickoff or the margin of the score on the board. The entire student section leaves at halftime and, they never ever come back.

I have heard many a student complain about how UC has been screwed over by the powers at be in recent years. But here is the thing, it is hard to take all those claims about the Bearcats "deserving" a spot on the table when shit like this keeps happening. If you want the part you have to act the part, and this student section is becoming a bad clown. There is one more game left at Nippert in its present configuration, and this same shit will almost certainly happen for the Louisville game on national TV, during the one game this year where the Bearcats are guaranteed a big audience. I can't wait to field an avalanche of tweets about this during that game, should be fun.

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