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Nippert Stadium Expansion A Go

A long term dream is about to become a reality for Bearcat fans.

Constriction to start at the conclusion of the 2013 season and run through 2014 before wrapping up in time for the 2015 season. Whit Babcock and Santa Ono's statements.

"Today is a tremendous day for Cincinnati athletics," Babcock said. "Our Board of Trustees and Dr. Ono have allowed us to move forward with our unprecedented project to Nippert Stadium and I am sincerely grateful for their leadership and vision. This transformational campaign will allow us to create critical new revenue streams to benefit all 19 sports programs through the sale of premium seating opportunities while also improving a variety of fan amenities such as concessions, restrooms, and concourse traffic flow.

and President Ono

This is a statement about the strength of our university and our support from our fans and our alumni.

The most impressive thing about all of this is the pace with which UC has gone from proposal to planned in about 6 months. Taking a look around the project website the one thing that jumps out is how quickly the high end seating options have sold. 18 founders suiets at $100,000 dollars a year for 10 years sold out. Ditto for the Founders Club, $36,000 dollars a year for 6 years.

The only options available now that the project has gone public, so to speak, are the Patio Suites and the Scholarship Club Seats. Remember when Mike Thomas said that there was no interest in exactly these kind of seating options? Thank god that moron is doing his best to run Illinois into the ground.

The only question is where will UC play its home games in 2014. The most likely, and least popular, option is Paul Brown Stadium. A nessecary evil I think.