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The First Over/Under's of the Year Published, Bearcats 9.5

Its a joyful day for the college football betters amoungst us. I am not one of them. I was, but I am not anyone. A certain lack of funds having the most to do with that. And no, the lack of funds isn't from my gambling losses.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

These lines come courtesy of The mothership has all the available lines in handy chart form. This is the point where I mention that what follows is just for fun. The over under for the Bearcats has been placed at 9.5. The over is currently going off at +120, the under at -160.

I think that the over/under is right in line with what I view to be the general concensus of most UC fans. It isn't that much of a surprise that the sports books think UC will have a somewhat strong season. Vegas has long held the Bearcats in much higher esteem than the general public. Here are some other over/unders of note.

Central Florida 8.5; Over (+125) Under (-165)

Connecticut 5.5; Over (-140) Under (+100)

Houston 5.5; Over (+120) Under (-160)

Illinois 3.5; Over (-160) Under (+120)

Louisville 10.5; Over (-130) Under (-110)

Purdue 5.5; Over (+175) Under (-245)

Rutgers 6.5; Over (+110) Under (-150)

SMU 5.5; Over (+140) Under (-180)