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Bearcats Football 2013; Projected Wide Receiver Depth Chart

The Bearcats receivers are long on talent, but short on proven projection in 2013. With the rotation likely to be shortened by one or two guys there are a ton of wide receivers competing for limited spots.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Starters: Alex Chisum, Chris Moore and Anthony McClung

Rotation: Jeremy Graves, Nate Cole, Max Morrison and Shaq Washington

That is my guess on how the depth chart will look like. Its hard to overstate just how much potential that starting three has. There may not be a Mardy or a Binns among them, but they have all shown flashes, even if they have never really put it together for a whole season.

Chisum was brilliant as a freshman when he usurped D.J. Woods role late in the season and went on to catch 19 passes for 302 yards and a pair of scores, a pair of deeply impressive scores. But he battled injuries and inconsistency as a sophomore and he only wound up catching 9 passes for 140 yards as Damon Julian took over the role of field stretcher in chief.

Moore was a parade all american who looked like he was on the way to a really nice freshman campaign. Then he got injured and took his red shirt year in 2011. He played sparingly last year, but he really made an impression when Brendon Kay replaced Munchie Legaux. Moore had big TD's against Temple and in the Bowl Game, and he came up with THE catch of spring football to boot. He looks primed for a big year.

Anthony McClung personifies the issue with this group. There is no question as to their capabilities, they can do the job. But can they, as a group or as individuals, put it together for an entire season? That is the question of record for these guys.