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Cincinnati Bearcats Quarterback Competition Nearing Its End

The starter could be named as early as Wednesday, though the staff could decide to wait until the conclusion of the second scrimmage Saturday.


The quote from Tubs

"We’ve got two seniors competing (at quarterback) and both will play. We’ll pick a starter maybe by the middle of this week, but we may wait until we get through with our scrimmage next Saturday."

Personally, I would expect them to announce Brendon Kay as the starter at the conclusion of activities Wednesday. The quicker they can put the competition in the rear view and get into preparation for Purdue the better. It is slightly concerning that there are plans for Munchie Legaux this year, in any form. That has less to do with Munchie and his struggles and more to do with the fact that he is moving on after this year and Bennie Coney needs all the reps he can get, Gunner Kiel as well, though he will get every scout team rep this year. For a back up there are only so many reps available in camp and the regular season. So if your quarterback situation is settled, and it is, you have to give those young guys as many reps as possible. Having a package for Munchie takes reps out of the hands of the guys who will actually be here next year.