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Cincinnati Bearcats Starting Center Dan Sprauge Out, Could Be For A While

The Bearcats began game planning for the Purdue game began in earnest today, and it began without last years starting center Dan Sprauge. The severity of the injury that he picked up Monday is still unknown.


That makes the possibility of red-shirt freshman Deyshawn Bond starting against Purdue very, very real. Bond is beloved by the coaching staff for his work rate and football intelligence, which explains how he has, as a red shirt freshman, cracked the two deep for one of the deepest and most talented offensive lines in the country. But he is still just a red-shirt freshman.

If Sprauge is out for any prolonged period of time Bond will be fine. But he is going to be thrown into the fire against a Purdue team who's greatest defensive talent is probably in the front seven.* Bruce Gaston is a man at one tackle spot, and projected starter Ryan Watson is not far behind. Luckily Bond will have kajillion game starter Austen Bujnoch at one guard spot and resident freakazoid Sam Longo at the other to ease the transition. Regardless the Bearcats center position could be going from a taken care of after thought to an intriguing question mark should Sprauge miss any extended time.

*Even though the most talented defender from the 2012 Boilers, Kawan Short, is plying his trade in the NFL

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