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Brendon Kay Is (Probably) Going To Start; Tommy Tuberville Is TrollGod

So, one month after the start of fall camp, and two weeks after Tuberville himself injected Munchie Legaux into the discussion we are right back where we started, with Brendon Kay likely under center against Purdue.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

From yesterday

"We’ll go another day. We might announce one. I mean, it’s not gonna be any secret. Brendon started out No. 1 and he was leading most of the way, but again, Munchie’s done a good job. We’ll wait and see."

So Brendon Kay is going to start, and Tommy Tuberville has been trolling us the entire time. He had this to say on the matter way back on July 30th

"I don’t think you go up until the last week, because that really puts too much pressure on your players, on your quarterback and all the guys around him. You need to know who your quarterback is going to be."



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