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Tailgating in Clifton - 2013 edition

The off season is finally almost over - time to clean out the cooler, fill up the propane tank, and get on down to Clifton 4+ hours before kickoff!

With the rise of UC football over the past 5+ years, not only has the product on the field improved, but the pre and post game festivities have improved as well. Consider this your guide to 2013 guide to UC tailgating options:

On campus tailgating -

Since 2011, the UC Department of Athletics, UCATS, and the 1200 Club have partnered to develop The Gridiron Tailgate, more commonly known as The Grid, on the northeast corner of UC's main campus at the Sigma Sigma Commons. The Grid has grown in popularity and new features have been added annually. Some of the highlights of The Grid include:

  • 100+ plots of approximately 20' x 16', forming a community of tailgates in the heart of UC's campus
  • "The Catwalk" - 2 1/2 hours before kickoff, the football team makes it entrance into Nippert Stadium by parading right through the The Grid. Appearances by the band, cheerleaders, and dance team also.
  • The Grid is an ideal option if you do not want the hassle of lugging a grill and cooler into Clifton - with food vendors and $1 beers available, along with other friendly Bearcats fans who are always willing to share their spreads, you'll have plenty of options for food and beverages.
  • New in 2013 - UC's administration understands that a "big time" football atmosphere is more than just 60 minutes on the field, so they've continued to work to improve The Grid. With more and more fans investing in tailgating trailers, RVs, and even firetrucks, The Grid now features Tailgate Alley (between Sigma Sigma Commons and the University Avenue Garage) where several large plots that will be occupied by a variety of tailgating rigs with room for upwards of 50 people per party. Be sure to check out some of the best UC tailgaters around!
  • Some groups that call The Grid home and invite you to join them:
    • RallyCats - the official student spirit organization hosts a $1 beer tent
    • Former players' tailgate - hosted by former defensive back Brad Jones, be sure to stop by to see some of your favorite players from the past
    • UC Alumni Association - not necessarily on The Grid, but UCAA hosts their Bearcats Blitz tailgate party right next door at the Myers Alumni Center
    • Some awesome tailgating groups that'll be setup in the new Tailgate Alley, including LucyGate, the Bearcat Tailgaters trailer, the BarCat & Grille pop-up camper/bar, the UC Fire Department truck, and others!

Off campus tailgating -

We understand that The Grid isn't for everyone - despite the location, some people prefer a traditional tailgate party in a lot. With limited spots throughout Clifton, here is a list of some of our favorites:

  • Bogart's Lot - located at the corner of W Corry & Glendora, this is where you'll find the groups that contribute to our website, With a short walk to Nippert, right past the Bearcat statue, this is one of the best public lots available in Clifton. Due to an increase in popularity, plan on getting in this lot at least 3 hours before kickoff or risk being left out!
  • Martino's Lot - just east from the Bogart's Lot, there are definitely some perks to parking in this lot right behind Martino's on Vine. For starters, the restaurant allows access to their restrooms, which is a nice perk when it's freezing out...the fully stocked bar and restaurant can be convenient as well.
  • Lot 22 - located on MLK in front of the UC Medical Center at East Campus, this lot is a bit further away than most fans would prefer to be, but there is a shuttle to/from Nippert Stadium that is included in the cost to park. That being said, this is an awesome lot and we wish there were more surface lots like this in/around Clifton. If you're looking to organize a large group tailgate, this is a good option due to the number of spaces available.

Alternatives -

With the further development of Calhoun Street & Short Vine in Corryville, there are lots of options for pre and post game festivities for those who prefer not stand outside:

  • Calhoun options include:
    • Buffalo Wild Wings - 200 Calhoun Street
    • Keystone Bar & Grill - 249 Calhoun Street
    • The Brass Tap - 251 Calhoun Street
    • Adriatico's Pizza - 113 W McMillan Street
  • Short Vine options include:
    • Dive Bar - 2608 Vine Street
    • Martino's on Vine - 2618 Vine Street
    • Mio's Pizza - 2634 Vine Street

For more information on the who, what, when, and where of UC tailgating, check us out at