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Bearcats Vs. Demons, DTD Staff Predictions

The Bearcats return to Nippert Stadium tomorrow night for a contest with the Northwestern State Demons. What does the Down The Drive staff think of the game?

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Jeff Gentil: The Bearcats' pride is hurt. Their backup (yes, if Brendon Kay was healthy he, not Munchie, would have been the starter) quarterback is out for the year. Hopes and dreams of an undefeated season are long gone. Thankfully they have Northwestern State coming in. And Northwestern State will feel the pain of a pissed of team. However, I still think the sting of last Saturday will still be there and the Bearcats won't be fully focused. But they do win, 44-17. Bring on Moo U.

RepublicOfCincinnati: With Coach Tubbs already acknowledging that personnel and scheme changes are coming, I expect a new look Bearcats that will completely dominate Northwestern they should. Look for Kay to pass for a couple of TDs, RDA IV & Williams to each score multiple times, and for Bennie Coney to play like a QB with something to prove.

Bearcats - 58
Demons - 16

Bearcatlair: UC 42, NW St. 14. It's easier to win at home, UC has always been tough at home (remember Brent Celek's incredible TD against #5 Rutgers?) and this directional university has the same problem as UC last week, motivation to play a non league game on the road that means nothing.

Matt DuMont: I'm interested to see how this team responds after that game last week. What I'm hoping is that the loss woke them up and they realize they can't just beat a team by walking on the field. A nice change for the Bearcats this week is they get to play on a field that isn't 100+ degrees at gametime. When you mix that with being back at home and (hopefully) a team that is looking to take some anger out, I see a 45-10 UC win.

Matt Opper: I hate to be dismissive about a team, any team. But if the Bearcats want to achieve some of the goals that they set at the start of the season this is a game they have to win big, regardless of circumstances. There will be new guys in different roles this game. That could make things more dramatic than they need to be. Bottom line a dominant Bearcat win is the only way to convince the fans that they should stay on the bandwagon for the rest of this year. I think thats what UC delivers. Bearcats 63, Demons 17

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