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Pre Game Player Of The Game: D.J. Dowdy

Blogging is a lot like dating. You go out there and try some shit out to see if you like it. If you like it you keep repeating it, if you don't you try something else. Today I am trying shit out, namely predicting a player to have a break out game today

Rob Leifheit-USA TODAY Sports

D.J. Dowdy

Dowdy is the pick for me for two reasons. The Bearcats are probably going to get big a bit more than usual. To date the Bearcats have rarely gone with two tight ends at the same time, but I would guess that changes this week. I think that Eddie Gran and co. keep it on the ground for the most part.

That will open up the play action game for the tight ends. Blake Annen has played very well so far, and Travis Johnson burned his red shirt last week. That gives the Bearcats three really talented tight ends to throw at the RedHawks, but this is the game for Dowdy to shine. Bennie Coney is going to get plenty of live reps with the 1's this week. Dowdy and Coney had a good connection going in the spring, today is the day that connection comes back to the fore.

Don't forget to check back in after the game to mock me for my choices, because this is the Internet, and mocking is what its for. Mocking and developing human capital, but mostly mocking.

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