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Munchie Legaux Suffers Catastrophic Leg Injury

The Bearcats senior QB suffers what is almost certainly a career ending injury.

Bradley Leeb-USA TODAY Sports

It happened on a third down in the fourth quarter with the Bearcats down by two touchdowns. If you did not see the play live I would advise you that it is among the more brutal injuries that you will find. Legaux was carted off the field with 10 minutes to go with the Bearcats trying to drive to get within a touchdown.

Prior to the injury Legaux was having one of his best outings of his career. Legaux is currently on the way to the hospital where he will surely undergo tests to determine the nature of the injury. I am obviously not a doctor, but there doesn't seem to be any way for Legaux to come back from this injury. Thoughts and prayers obviously go out to Munchie Legaux and his family. The Bearcats have lost the game to Illinois, but that is sort of beside the point right now.