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Munchie Legaux Takes To Twitter, Calms Everyone Down

The injured Bearcats signal caller reaches back out to all those who have sent him their best

Bradley Leeb-USA TODAY Sports

If you talk to current and former Bearcats about Munchie Legaux they will all bring up how remarkably calm Munchie is, and how his very chill vibe permeates through the team. Nothing really illustrates that point better than him taking to twitter to say everything is fine, and to then crack a joke. Sure, it’s not the best joke, but it is a joke, which is kind of remarkable in the circumstances.

What more can you say about the man? He is as mentally tough as they come. He would not have salvaged his career the way he did over the last half of camp to gain the starting job if he wasn't. I am sure that the prognosis for Munchie is going to come out at some point. I just hope that it is not as bad as it looked in the moment.