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Welcome back, Memphis!

A rivalry that never should have ended returns tomorrow. Let's take a quick stroll down memory lane...

I can't speak for the older crowd, but games with Memphis bring back some awesome memories especially in the Great Midwest and CUSA.  I'm not old enough to remember too many battles in the Metro (plus Memphis was generally better than UC back in those days) so most of my memories are good ones.

  • How about Steve Logan's last home game?  The buzzer beater to tie it and send the game to OT where the Bearcats prevailed?
  • Kenny Satterfield made a runner near the buzzer in Memphis to pull out a huge win
  • Or Terry Nelson taking a charge from Penny Hardaway in the last few seconds of the Great Midwest Championship game in Memphis to preserve UC's title?
  • A few weeks later, UC beat Memphis an unbelievable 4th time in the same season to advance to the Final Four.  Seems like yesterday...
  • Corie Blount breaking the rim at the Pyramid causing a lengthy delay in the game?
  • I remember Andy Kennedy's overachievers almost knocking off a very highly ranked Memphis team at 5/3 arena.  I remember it vividly because I lost my ass betting on Memphis that game.  Was my old gambling days that are in the past...of course.
  • But I'm not, I repeat NOT, going to discuss that other awful thing that occurred in Memphis.  No way, no how.

What about you?  Any favorite memories of the Memphis rivalry?