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Tommy Tuberville Makes One Addition To Cincinnati Staff

The linebacker portion of Art Kaufman's job is going to be filled by Jeff Koonz, formerly of Louisiana Tech in the self same position.

Nick Temple and his mates will have a new coach to lead them
Nick Temple and his mates will have a new coach to lead them
Rob Leifheit-USA TODAY Sports

The comes via Coaching Search.

A source tells CoachingSearch that LA Tech linebackers coach Jeff Koonz is expected to join Tommy Tuberville's staff at Cincinnati.

Koonz got his under grad degree from Auburn and his Masters from Texas, and he has a pretty impressive C.V. for someone in his 20's.

  • 2003 -- Auburn (Student Assistant)
  • 2004 -- Auburn (Graduate Assistant)
  • 2005-06 -- Texas (Graduate Assistant)
  • 2007-08 -- Iowa State (Secondary)
  • 2009 -- Texas (Quality Control)
  • 2010-2013 -- Louisiana Tech (Linebackers)

So, in summation, he got his first break into coaching in Tuberville's Auburn program, and then went on to work for Gene Chizik, Will Muschamp and Sonny Dykes. Color me impressed with his apprenticeship. This will probably fan the flames of the Chizik crowd, though every indication is that Hank Hughes is still the only person to interview. One more spot on the coaching staff left to fill.