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Former Director of Player Development is Appealing His Firing

That music you hear the merry-go-round starting up.

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Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, the University of Cincinnati fired Antrione Archer, Director of Player Welfare and Development for the Cincinnati Bearcats football team. Archer announced today he'll be appealing his firing.

From the Cincinnati Enquirer:

[Archer] wants a 60-day leave from UC instead to resolve a misdemeanor charge of sexual abuse, said his lawyer, James Noll.

I just can't see him ever working for the Bearcats again given the very public details of what he's admitted to doing.

His attorney goes on:

The university acted prematurely, he said, when they fired Archer and didn't follow their own policies and procedures.

I don't know what UC's "policies and procedures" are, but there's no way this guy ever works for UC again. If anything, I guess he'll parlay this into a wrongful termination suit? I'm not a legal expert, so maybe some of our barrister readers can chime in. In any event, good riddance, Mr. Archer.