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Cincinnati Bearcats Basketball Week 5 Overview

The Bearcats might have a single solitary game on the docket this week, but that game kicks off one of the more important stretches of the season for the Bearcats.

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About Nebraska

The Cornhuskers had a Cinderella season last year winning 11 Big 10 games and making a return trip to the NCAA tournament for the first time since 1998. What made the turnaround even more remarkable is that it happened in the middle of the season. When the Bearcats played Nebraska last it the Huskers were clearly a team that was learning how to win, and then in the middle of the year figured out how to win in one of the toughest basketball conferences in the country. This season has not started quite so well, they come into the year with a 5-2 mark with the two defeats coming at the hands of Rhode Island and Creighton. Neither loss is an RPI killer, but a team that came into the year ranked in the top 25 is supposed to win those kind of games.

Husker To Watch

Terran Petteway, who else could it be? Petteway has been the best and most consistent player for the Cornhuskers for most of the last two seasons. He originally started at Texas Tech, but transferred to Lincoln. After sitting out the 2012-13 season as required by the NCAA Petteway became eligible last year and was a difference maker from the start. Through five games Petteway is scoring at higher clip with a better effective field goal percentage. He is more active on the boards and has become a decent play maker for his team. Petteway was Nebraska's best player in last year's match up and is even better now.

Key Bearcat Of The Week

Troy Caupain has very much had a roller coaster of a season to date. Good games are followed almost as a rule by bad games. That is simply not going to do it over this coming stretch. Troy needs to be good night in, night out. He can start with curbing his disturbing turnover habit. As of today Troy is turning the ball over on nearly 25 percent of all the possessions he consumes. That is an exceptionally high rate for a point guard. He also needs to do a better job of getting the ball inside to newly minted Rookie of the Week Gary Clark and Octavius Ellis.

Throwback Of The Week