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Nippert Stadium Construction Update For March

T-minus one month or so until progress above ground will be visible

The great news is that most of the work for the foundations, utilities and the like below the current stands is close to being done. The three main support blocks will start to take shape and emerge from the depths in the coming months setting the way for the work on the main structure.

All of which is great news. The best news of all is that the design on the east side of the stadium is close to being finalized, right on time for construction on that part of the project to begin in late May, after this semester is concluded. I am curious as to what the final design is going to look like.

On the west side there is a huge difference between the initial design on the west side and what is being built. On the east side there was no initial design as it was not part of the project as originally conceived, so there is something of a designing blank slate.

When Bob Martin talks about the design still being finalized it is the east side that he is talking about. The general layout and form of the east side renovation is pretty well known, what is being finalized is the final shape of the project, and that is what I am genuinely interested in seeing. Hopefully we can get a glimpse of that in the coming weeks.