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Bearcats Offensive Line Injuries Giving Opportunities to Young Bucks Up Front

The Bearcats are without three projected starters up front this spring. That is giving more chances to the younger guys on the roster to make an impact with their first team reps.

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That from the Enquirer.

Parker Ehinger, UC's starting right tackle, will miss the remainder of spring practice because of a foot injury. Tuberville said that Ehinger, a junior-to-be, is expected back this summer.

Ehringer is one of several linemen who have been limited this spring due to injury. Kevin Schloemer was a big part of the rotation a season ago before he got injured. That injury has kept him off the field this spring as well. Likewise Eric Lefled has been limited this spring as well.

The good news is two fold, all of those guys are expected to be back and are still projected to start. The other good news is that this gives coach Darren Hiller a chance to get live looks at some of his younger guys. Justin Murray is probably the best of the young tackles and comes immediately to mind. But there are couple of interesting guys on the roster that will be getting more first team reps than usual, such as Kyle Williamson and Tyreek Burwell.

While it is unlikely that any of those three guys will be able to unseat Lefeld, Ehringer or Schloemer for starting spot. But a good showing this spring could put them in contention for one of the open spots at guard. That isn' the natural position for Murray or Burwell, put getting onto the field, even out of position is what they are fighting for.