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Justin Jackson To Participate In Portsmouth Invitational

The Florida native will be the first Bearcat to make a showing in the Tidewater since Yancy Gates. If JJ is to make a run as a draftable asset a good showing at the PIT is a must.

Steve Dykes

It has been four years since Lance Stephenson was taken in the second round of the 2010 NBA draft. It would seem that this is the best chance to end the streak of UC players going undrafted. Sean Kilpatrick and Justin Jackson are not surefire draft picks by any stretch, but they will have a chance to play themselves into contention with strong showings.

Justin would seem to have the most work to do. While he is listed at 6'9" by UC in all publications but I have a feeling he measures in closer to 6'7". In the eyes of a lot of personnel types that would be a major red flag. Even with the shift of the NBA to playing more and more small ball 6'7" is the fringe end for a power forward.

There are two things that JJ has that are assets in the NBA; his ability to guard both forward spots full time and he can switch onto some centers and two guards for a spell without the defense falling to pieces. That gives him a lot of scheme versatility which is a must in the modern NBA. The other thing that he can sell is the effort he plays with, there is always a place for less talented guys who simply play harder than everyone else (See: Evans, Reggie).