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Cincinnati Bearcats Clinch At Least A Share Of AAC Crown

It was not a thing of beauty, but the Bearcats went into Rutgers on a short rest and came out with the win 70-66 to clinch the first championship in a decade.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

This was a game where the Bearcats sleptwalked for long periods of the first and second halves. The Bearcats were comfortably better than the Scarlet Knights when they showed interest in playing the game. But in the moments when they looked tired and disinterested Rutgers capitalized. That this ended up as a four point game tells you just how few moments of sustained focus and energy this team.

In the end this game came down to a simple fact at the end. Cincinnati has Sean Kilpatrick, and Rutgers didn't. SK scored the last five points of the contest including a beatuiful rim attack that showed just how much his game has changed compared to the last three years.

With that win the Bearcats have at least a share of the first AAC crown and will be either the first or second seed in the AAC tournament next week. With Memphis winning the two possible outcomes for the rest of the day are as follows.

  • Louisville falls to UConn, Bearcats are outright champs and #1 seed in AAC tournament
  • Louisville beats UConn, AAC flips a coin for the number one seed

You have my permission to stop reading now and watch the UConn v. Louisville game now.