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Tommy Tuberville Has Things To Say

Unless it is a football or basketball gameday saturday is not usually a huge day for posting here at down the drive. But this saturday is an exception. just posted two videos with Tommy Tuberville talking about spring practice and moving forward towards next season. Take the 20 or so minutes to watch these. Highly informative.

Quick Thoughts

-- Gunner Kiel's advantage at this point is that he is starting from an advanced position after working with the ones for all of the Belk Bowl prep. That seems like an insurmountable lead, but that could change if he fails to progress over the summer

-- Like everyone else Tubs has a love hate relationship with Tion Green. Loves the talent, hates the inconsistency. If the light ever goes on watch out.

-- Loves his linebackers. He should.

-- Ditto for his young safety pairing of Mike Tyson and Zach Edwards

-- Jesus, the Wide Receivers. There's so many and the best part of it all, every single guy he mentions save Ralph David Abernathy will be back for 2015.

-- Wasn't as enthralled with the play of Deyshawn Bond as I thought he would be. Bond had some rough patches, Miami and South Florida in particular, but he was rock solid at the end of the year.

-- The injuries to established guys this spring might be a blessing in disguise. It has given more first team reps to the guys that UC will need for depth this coming year such as Ryan Leahy, Tyreek Burwell and Justin Murray.

-- Its very Bobby Bowden like to call Leahy, Lefeld. Like he is unaware who the best offensive linemen on the team is. Old Southerns are adorable.

-- Mouhon the Younger

-- Mouhon the Elder

-- Liked the progress of Brandon Mitchell and Alex Pace at defensive tackle. That's huge because the Bearcats need production from that spot this year after graduating the four main rotation guys from last season.

-- Its nice to hear Tubs admit that he lost game(s) last year because of special teams. Has to be better.

-- Fall Camp opens on August 10th, that's roughly a week after the rest of the country will start practicing.