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Watch All Of Sean Kilpatrick's Made Baskets From Last Year

All 214 of them.

Joe Murphy

The video is just under an hour long, and possibly won't be online for long so enjoy it while you can. But it really is an amazing thing to watch. His feel for the offense, the way so much of his offense came off the two man game stuff with Justin Jackson. Just how good SK is at hunting shots in transition, how it only takes him a fraction of a second to set his feet and square up his shoulders to the hoop.

SK is not like Ray Allen or Kyle Korver, he is more scorer than pure sniper. But for his fundamentals to be as good as they have become is just a testament to how hard he has worked since coming to the Bearcats. Mick Cronin has said for years that when Kilpatrick got here he was a non shooter. He leaves the Bearcats tied as the all time leader in made three point baskets with 313. Sit back and enjoy watching this master at work.