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Bearcats Don Pads For Day Three

It was a shell's, shoulder pads and shorts day at higher ground yesterday.

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-- In Tommy Tuberville's own words the secondary is coming along, which is a good sign. This early in the process your defense should always be ahead of the offense. It takes a lot of repetitions to develop timing and a good operating rhythm on offense, defense is simpler which allows them to play faster earlier.

-- Munchie had a snap in team. That's great news. Still think Kiel is the guy, but I would be great just to see Munchie Legaux on the field again.

-- I like Nudelberg. He is just a kid, but he has a good vibe. Thats apropos of nothing, but its there.

-- Every special teams spot is up for grabs. It should be, no one is safe, or should be. That's how horrific they were as a group in 2013

-- 30 days before the Toledo game I would guess that John Lloyd keeps his job at punter, Gantz beats out Miliano for the placekicking job and Miliano will still have a role as the kickoff specialist. Nothing I have heard leads me to believe that Milano has fully climbed out of the headspace he inhabited last year. Both guys were perfect on day one, and missed a few on day two. The difference is that Gantz responded, what I heard was that he was perfect yesterday while Miliano once again struggled with consistency missing multiple kicks for the second day in a row. Tony has to really clean things up if he wants to keep his job.

-- Howard Wilder was thrown into the fire when Trenier Orr went down with an injury against Illinois last year. It took Wilder some time but he was pretty consistent down the stretch. He is becoming one of the leaders in the back end which is a good thing. He and Adrian Witty need to be those guys considering the Bearcats youth at safety where three of the four spots on the preseason two deep are filled by sophomores. Mike Tyson will be good, Zach Edwards is already good and Andre Jones has had a great start to camp. But asking them to lead at their age is asking a bit much.

-- According to The Enquirer Shaq Washington, and Casey Gladney joined Ralph David Abernathy IV in fielding the majority of the punts and kickoffs. As much as I love RDA4 as a tough ass little dude with speed to burn he needs to have a short leash in the return game this year. Same goes for Rodriguez Moore. You simply can't have the top two return men on the team average 21 yards a return when a touchback puts you on the 25.

-- Bob Mangine is a G.

-- Sione Tongamoa knows how to make friends.

-- The Bearcats will be back in action this afternoon once again donning shells, shoulder pads and shorts.