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Bearcats Backtrack On Gunner Kiel Being Named Starter

Contrary to an earlier report by Joe Kay of the AP that was picked up here, there and everywhere else the Bearcats aren't quite ready to name Gunner Kiel the starter for the Toledo game.

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For months Tommy Tuberville has been using the same timetable for naming a starting quarterback. That timetable was 2 weeks or so into fall camp, which is what made the now rescinded news earlier today that Kiel would be the guy so surprising. Now he is saying that it will be 7 to 10 days before that decision will be handed down. That matches the earlier timetable to a T.

By all accounts Kiel will be the guy under center this year. His day in day out performances have been a little bit up and down, but that's not uncommon for a guy trying to in essence knock off about three years of rust. Kiel wouldn't phrase it that way, but he acknowledges that the excitement of playing again has knocked him off his game early in camp.

"The first few days were a little shaky," Kiel said. "I think I came out anxious and excited. I think that got me to play a little uncomfortable.

Whatever flaws Gunner has to his game right now he is still the pick. If for no other reason than Kiel having a ceiling that is several floors above those of his competitors. Tubs says that he will know in 7 to 10 days if Kiel is the guy, but the smarter read of the situation would be that Kiel is the guy in all capacities but the official one.