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Renderings Of The Bearcats New Basketball Locker Room

Lets just say its a noticeable upgrade.

Much like the initial designs for Nippert had almost nothing at all to do with what the finished product will look like, there will almost certainly be changes that come to the design of the new locker room. The tight time frame will keep those changes from getting too drastic. Remember that the construction on this project will start in November and run through March.

But that still leaves plenty of time to make detail oriented changes to the design. For example, by the time that the players move into the facility towards the end of next school year the walls will not be white. I feel confident in making a guarantee on that. More likely than not they will be covered in graphics celebrating the history of the program, just like the football facilities are. These renderings aren't a representation of the finalized product, merely an indication of what that finalized product could be. A rough outline if you will.