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The Latest Round Of Renderings For The Renovated Nippert Stadium

Construction is well underway on Campus, but the design continues to be finalized incrementally with the latest release from UC showing the West side of the project in, more or less its final form.

There has been quite a change to the design since the expansion of Nippert Stadium was announced. In retrospect the design they used to publicize the project didn't really fit in with the surrounding buildings all that well. Yes, it was modern, like the rest of campus. But with its gently curving edges it looks like the kind of addition that could be made to any stadium anywhere and fit in just fine. That's great, but the University of Cincinnati isn't really a place where buildings that could be put in anywhere fit in. Certainly not on Main Street. There is a standard to be meet, and the new tower will certainly do so.

Like the Steger Student Union, the Campus Recreation Center, and the Lindner Center there won't be anything like the new tower in the country, if not the world. Everything about it is unique, and it is unique because it has to fit with the surrounding environment.

It is easy to take a quick look at this structure and see things you don't like. The building looks like it is going to be built in italics, but so is the logo. Yes it also has the appearance of two blocks moving in opposite directions, but that look perfectly mirrors the edge of CRC and will create a focal point for those in the stadium towards Main Street and for those passing by the look into the stadium.

It is clear that the architects put an incredible amount of thought into this design. They managed to maintain everything that we all loved about Nippert before while at the same time bringing it into this century. It is still in the heart of campus, it is still incredibly open to the surrounding area, when its done it will still be the easiest way for everyone to get through campus. But the amenities will be beyond anything offered by Old Nippert, and when its done it will be jaw droppingly beautiful. The wait, and the games at PBS are going to suck, but when Nippert is done this will all be worth it.