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Tuberville On Deyshawn Bond "I Don't Think It Is Anything Serious"

When the Cincinnati Bearcats starting center was seen on the ESPN broadcast on crutches Bearcats everywhere had flashbacks to last year when the great Angry Bearcat Lineman Hating God of 2013 reared its ugly head. That is hopefully not the case with this injury.

Andy Lyons

(feel free to watch the lot of it, but Tuberville's comments on Deyshawn Bond come at the 11:30 mark)

If Tuberville does not think that the injury is serious that allows me to breathe a sigh of relief. He does go on to say that he could miss a game recuperating, presumably the Battle for the Victory Bell next week against Miami. In Bond's stead tonight it was Dominic Mainello, a long serving and capable backup who was just fine tonight when he got to play.

Bond will probably have an MRI tomorrow which will reveal if Tuberville's diagnosis has merit. The Bearcats need Bond at center to reach their potential this year as an offense, that's nothing on Mainello who is capable. But the Bearcats haven't had a center this talented in a while. Jason Kelce was really good, but he was guard by trade until he was forced to take on that mantle his senior season. Bond has a chance to be better.