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SB Nation Underdog Poll Ballot: BYU Stays On Top

We are beginning to see a bit of separation at the top.

Jay Drowns

1 -- BYU

2 -- Cincinnati

3 -- Marshall

4 -- Northern Illinois

5 -- Boise State

6 -- East Carolina


7 -- Louisiana Tech

8 -- UTEP

9 -- Bowling Green

10 -- Georgia Southern

11 -- Navy

12 -- Houston

13 -- Florida Atlantic

14 -- UAB

15 -- Middle Tennessee

This is getting easier by the week. At this point there is a bit of a chasm developing between the top of the group of five and the rest. BYU, UC, Marshall, NIU, Boise State and East Carolina are a cut above the rest right now. The Cougars sit at the top because they have the biggest pelt of the lot, that win in Austin. ECU enters the fray courtesy of their strong showing against South Carolina and upset of Virginia Tech. The most interesting thing about how this poll is shaking out is the self selection that is going to be happening as we progress. There are two important upcoming games between squads who are in the top 6 of the poll

  • Friday, October 24th BYU at Boise State
  • Thursday, November 13th ECU at Cincinnati

Those are for down the road, next week presents several opportunities for the top 6 to distinguish themselves. Next weekend North Carolina makes the short trek to Greenville. Northern Illinois is going to Arkansas, where they will have a decent chance of springing a trap. Not because Arkansas doesn't know that NIU is good, but because the three games after that are against Texas A&M, Alabama and Georgia.

As for Marshall, they will probably keep winning, without anyone figuring out if they are good or not. Its hard to see a spot where they could even trip up on their upcoming schedule. Maybe at Florida Atlantic in late October. Other than that I don't know.