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Bearcat Freshman Profile: Marcus Tappan

OK, sophomore profile.

The Essentials

  • School: Glendale Community College
  • Position: Linebacker
  • Height: 6'3"
  • Weight: 245
  • Consensus Rank*: 83 (***)

* As determined by 24/7 sports composite algorithm which combines and weights the rankings of 24/7, Rivals, Scout and ESPN to come up with one number.

Tappan really, really looks the part for a strongside linebacker. He has the size, the long arms, the speed that you want for the position. He is athletic enough to carry tight ends up the seam and cover slot receivers in the underneath routes. Against the run he is solid, but not spectacular. He gets caught in the wash a bit to often and he is occasionally indecisive in his run fits.

For Tappan the question is when the light comes on for him. He has not adjusted to the speed of play at the college level as quickly as the coaches would have liked. Right now he is behind guys like Solomon Tentman, Clemente Casseus and Kevin Mouhon on the depth chart. He will play at the very least in special teams this year. The good news is that he does have two more years of eligibility after this season, so even if he doesn't play this year he will have two more years to play.