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Week 8 AP Top 25/Coaches Poll: Three AAC Teams in Polls

Memphis, Houston and Temple all finally crack the AP Top 25 and Amway Coaches Polls.

Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Here are your Week 8 rankings. Ohio State and Baylor hold the top two spots in both the Amway Coaches Poll and the AP Top 25. Baylor is closing the gap with 12 first-place votes in both polls. Beyond those two top teams, the polls get a little more congested with TCU, Utah, Michigan State, LSU and Clemson concluding the top seven in various orders.

The AAC twist on these polls is significant this week. Memphis continued their impressive season by upsetting Ole Miss (previously No. 13 in the AP and No. 12 in the Coaches) in Memphis. The Tigers are now tied for No. 17 in the Coaches Poll and No. 18 in the AP Top 25. Houston is now getting some love as well in both polls, ranking No. 22 in the Coaches Poll and No. 21 in the AP Poll. Cincinnati will play Houston this season. Temple has finally cracked both polls as well with a No. 24 ranking in the Coaches and No. 22 in the AP.

Beyond the suddenly heavy AAC presence in the lower part of the polls, Navy (who Cincinnati will not face this season unless they somehow meet in the AAC Championship) has nine votes in the Coaches Poll. The Cincinnati loss to BYU helped the Cougars remain in the hunt for each poll. BYU received nine votes in the Coaches Poll and 21 in the AP Poll.

Coaches AP
1 Ohio State (45) Ohio State (28)
2 Baylor (12) Baylor (12)
3 TCU (4) Utah (16)
4 Michigan State TCU (3)
5 LSU (1) LSU (1)
6 Clemson Clemson (1)
7 Utah (1) Michigan State
8 Alabama Alabama
9 Florida State Florida State
10 Notre Dame Stanford
11 Stanford Notre Dame
12 Oklahoma State Iowa
13 Iowa Florida
14 Florida Oklahoma State
15 Oklahoma Texas A&M (T-15)
16 Texas A&M Michigan (T-15)
17 Memphis (T-17) Oklahoma
18 Michigan (T-17) Memphis
19 Cal Toledo
20 Toledo Cal
21 Duke Houston
22 Houston Temple
23 Ole Miss Duke
24 Temple Ole Miss
25 Georgia Pitt

Others receiving votes (AP Top 25): Mississippi St. 62, BYU 21, UCLA 18, North Carolina 17, Texas Tech 14, Georgia 12, W. Kentucky 11, Arizona St. 10, Boise St. 8, Wisconsin 8, Utah St. 7, Northwestern 4

Other receiving votes (Coaches): Mississippi State 38; Wisconsin 37; Pittsburgh 32; North Carolina 30; UCLA 30; Texas Tech 14; Navy 9; Brigham Young 9; Illinois 5; Oregon 5; Western Kentucky 5; Utah State 5; Washington State 5; Northwestern 4; Marshall 3; Arizona 2; Boise State 2; Bowling Green 1.