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Larry Davis Withdraws His Name From Consideration For The Eastern Kentucky Head Coach Position

The Bearcats associate head coach looks to be sticking around for at least one more season with the University of Cincinnati. That is unquestionably good news for the Bearcats.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Substantial, that is and will remain the key word in this. Larry Davis really does find himself in a good position to move on from the Bearcats should the right job come along. While the shine from the coaching job he did this winter won't last forever, it will last long enough and keep his name in circulation in the right circles for a couple more years.

Davis is no spring chicken, he knows he probably has one last shot to be a head coach, and he doesn't want to waste several years building something from scratch. EKU is not bereft by any means, they have won 20 games the last three years running. But the core of those teams are moving on. While I would never say never on Larry Davis leaving, EKU just wasn't the right job.