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The Bearcats Breakdown Show - June 25th, 2015

On the show we discuss the UC Annual Athletic Awards, Jeremy Larkin commitment, and NCAA Basketball Rule changes.

You've got mail! Well, we actually got mail. Yes, we actually received a few emails about the podcast we are excited to share. Our official email address is Please feel free to send any and all comments, questions, or opinions you may have.

On the podcast, Corey and I discussed Larry Davis winning Coach of the Year award for UC as well as the men's basketball team winning Team of the Year.

Aaron Doster - USA TODAY Sports

We talked about Ian Haap putting a spotlight on UC Athletics. He became the first UC Baseball player drafted in the first round of the MLB Draft.

The attention UC Athletics is getting lately will bring a ton of solid recruits, and the pick up of Jeremy Larkin out of La Salle is no exception. The 2016 commitment will be a nice addition to our already powerful, high-flying offense.

Corey gives us his thoughts on the new NCAA basketball rule changes. How will the five-second rule affect UC's stellar defense next year?

And finally, we end with a quick thought on Nate Kramer, a former UC Swimmer who lost his life recently to cancer.


Scotty Whitehouse - Currently lives in Indianapolis and works on his golf game during the weekends

Corey Trombley - Currently lives in Loveland, Ohio and works on strategies to finally beat Scotty at golf during the weekends.