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TBBS - Big 10 Preview Episode - July 8th, 2015

Who is going to take the first snap for OSU? Why all the coaching changes up at Wisconsin? Is Jim Harbaugh a mad man or just super genius? Find that all and more on this week's Bearcats Breakdown Show as we are joined by someone way more qualified than us to talk Big 10 football.


Today on the show we had Jesse Collins, a writer for the site Off Tackle Empire, join us to give his perspective on how the BIG 10 football season will shape up. Other than OSU's quest for repeat championships, there are many unique angles to look at in the BIG 10 conference.  I think one man might continue to make headlines....

We also discuss UC Men's basketball Non-Conference schedule, which was released on Tuesday. At first glance, there are a lot of tough games, but is that a bad thing?

Look out Friday for our first Friday Football Preview where we will go game by game through out UC's schedule and predict how the Bearcats will handle the 2015 season....Because of all the people who should be making predictions about UC football, we are the most qualified.

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