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From the Video Vault: UC Jazzer Al Hirt Shows Off for His Fans

Why doesn't the Athletic Department ever do hype videos featuring "Cotton Candy"?

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Legendary trumpeter Al Hirt was a UC product. He studied at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music with John Philip Sousa protege Frank Simon.

He has two dozen gold records, including my cousin Todd's all-time favorite instrumental, "Sugar Lips."

He owned a piece of the New Orleans Saints.

He did the theme for the Green Hornet tv show.

Today's video is a medley of some of Alois Maxwell Hirt's best known compositions. Sit back in your easy chair, light up a Lucky Strike, make an olive loaf sandwich, cut it into four pieces, share it with your friends Eddie, Freddie, and Teddy, and then enjoy "Sugar Lips," "Java," and "Cotton Candy."

Call up the Cincinnati Athletic Department today at 513-556-6000 and request an Al Hirt hype video for the next Cincinnati home game. Otherwise, I guarantee you that 2015 will be the season of Silento.