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From the Video Vault: Run to Him

Coach Tuberville has run back to Gunner Kiel and we are all thankful.

East Carolina v Cincinnati Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

That sure felt good. Seeing the offense function so efficiently with Gunner Kiel at the helm.

Coach Tuberville went with Hayden Moore and Ross Trail early in the season. Who knows what has been going on between the scenes since last fall with Tuberville and Kiel. What we do know is that Coach Tuberville decided to run to him and forget his pride, to paraphrase the recently and dearly departed Bobby Vee. Things are all the better in Bearcat Country as a result.

From the video vault this afternoon, I bring you a twin tribute to Gunner Kiel’s reemergence as Cincinnati’s quarterback and the passing of the great Bobby Vee. Take the next two minutes to listen to Bobby Vee’s “Run to Him.”