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Cincinnati Basketball: Mick Cronin Postgame Press Conference (UConn)

Mick Cronin, Gary Clark, Troy Caupain and Jacob Evans speak with the media following Cincinnati's 65-60 win.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Cincinnati got back in the win column yesterday with a 65-60 win over UConn, in a game the Bearcats absolutely needed to win. Following the game, the media spoke with a much more relaxed Mick Cronin, compared to his postgame quotes following the Tulsa game on Thursday.

Cronin was very pleased with the defensive intensity and the overall effort of the team against a UConn squad that plays hard themselves. Cronin provided his own insight into how he is approaching each and every game. He also talked a bit about the different players who have been making impacts in this final stretch.

Gary Clark, Troy Caupain and Jacob Evans also spoke with the media, offering some of their thoughts from the game. Caupain got to answer questions about the rowdy home crowd, taking one game at a time and his first half block. Evans talked about his role as a freshman and about his late shot. Clark was asked about his two key blocks and when Caupain helped him off the floor following one of the rejections.

Mick Cronin Postgame Press Conference

Players Postgame Press Conference

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