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National Signing Day: Cincinnati Signs Outside Linebacker Ty Sponseller

Cincinnati officially signs the three-star cornerback from Mason, Ohio.

Student Sports (Flickr)




Sponseller initially committed to Cincinnati in June, back when he was a two-star recruit. Since then, he has improved his grade, now considered a three-star player, and a good one at that.

Sponseller is considered an outside linebacker, although he played safety at Mason High School. He plays fast for his size and attacks the line of scrimmage with speed and power. I like the way he tackles, lowering his target area and driving through the contact, and he seems to be able to do a lot of things well. It will be interesting to see what the Cincinnati coaching staff does with him if they get him on campus for good. His size could translate well into an outside linebacker position if he adds bulk or maybe a coverage/third down linebacker early in his career while he develops. Either way, he could be a valuable tool for the Bearcats defense given his skill set.

A redshirt seems in the future for the local product, but there is a lot to like about a guy of his athleticism who has the ability to add on size to be an athletic, versatile linebacker.