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National Signing Day: Cincinnati Signs Wide Receiver Marcel Paul

Cincinnati officially signs the three-star speedster from Detroit, Michigan.

Student Sports (Flickr)




On the field, Paul is a solid player. A lot has been made about his speed, but I really like what he offers as a complete player. He blocks very well for a receiver and seems to do a good job of earning extra yards before he is brought down as a ball-carrier. There is limited video of Paul running a more complete route tree, but he seems to run with nice fluidity and speed that shouldn't limit his development in the Cincinnati Bearcats program.

I believe his value remains in his balance as a player. He has speed, size, blocking ability (which coaches love at wideout) and looks capable as a receiver. When I watch Paul on film, I see an element of former Bearcat Armon Binns, a guy who was able to do multiple things from the wide receiver spot and developed into a very good college receiver. Paul can do everything you ask of a receiver.

Paul looks like a redshirt player for his freshman year. Still, the Cincinnati receivers are in a state of flux, so that could change.